Trying To Decide On Corporate Caterers Manchester Has

I have a family reunion coming up and I am planning it with a few other family members. I was put in charge of finding the caterer for the reunion. We had all agreed that having it catered would be the easiest thing to do since it is such a large reunion. I have been searching for Thyme Outside caterers Manchester has that will be the best and most cost effective to hire.

I went on Facebook and asked my friends which caterer was the best one to hire for the reunion. I got a few responses about different caterers in the area and I also found out about some that I had never heard of. I think this was because they were also event planners and I never really thought to hire an event planner.

I have been in contact with several of the food or beverages caterers Manchester has to see what they offer and what they charge to cater an event. I have been pretty shocked at the prices that I have been told by a few of them because they were really expensive. I have a few more places to call and one more that I am waiting on to call me so I can compare all the options that I have in the area.

I am hoping that I will be able to hire to cater this reunion. Our budget wasn’t really large for this and I want to make sure we are getting the best price all around. I also want to be sure the food is good and there is enough of it for everyone that comes to the family reunion. Hopefully, I will be able to figure everything out within the next few weeks.