This Photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib at the Michael Cohen Hearing Is So Good

Yes, we are in the dumbest timeline; yes, the Trump administration seems to have more endings than the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King; yes, T-Pain somehow beat Gladys Knight on a singing competition; no, I do not understand how. But at least we have this.

Behold this photo of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib simmering, smoldering, glowering, and empowering as they awaited their turns to expertly question Michael Cohen (and in Pressley and Tlaib’s cases, to also call out an offensive tactic used by a colleague with a history of similar actions). This photo has absolutely no right to be this good. Out here looking like Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Category is: Giving me Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I did not need coffee this morning, I just stared at these three congresspeople, eyeing Michael Cohen, and I snap, crackle, popped right out of bed and into the day.

Give this photo the Pulitzer Prize and also paint it on a mural and also tattoo it on my ribs right now. Put this on the money; issue a new three dollar bill and instead of e pluribus unum write don’t start none, there won’t be none.

Ah! This photo!

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Whatever this album is I’m buying it.

This is the look you get when, as Whitney says, “if six of y’all had dinner, four of you were really cheap.”

That photo is my bills, my brunch habit, and my full Fenty Beauty shopping cart staring at my paycheck.

That photo is the other, better versions of me I want to greet me in the Spiderverse.

I was hesitant about the live-action Lion King before but after seeing this production still of Sarabi and her crew, I’m all in.

This is that look you get when folks get along a little too well at the parent-teacher conference and they join forces to cancel your badass 5th grade self.

This is Ariana Grande’s three singles looking at the Billboard charts.

This is a pop group called Checks & Balances.

This photo is an illustration of three ways to deliver the line “You really thought.”

Put this—and I cannot stress this enough—in the Louvre.

This is a photo of the concepts of Kind, Smart, and Important coming for the little girl in The Help.

I feel every mood in the photo deeply. AOC’s “Oh, for real!” raised eyebrow. Ayanna Pressley’s “Oh, for real?” sly smirk. And Rashida Tlaib’s “Oh. For real.” grimace. This is photo is a journey.

Can anyone hear Ride of the Valkyries? Just me. That’s fine.

Pictured: Viola Davis’ Oscar, Emmy, and Tony(s) contemplating an award-winning audiobook performance.

This is also a picture of other people’s Instagrams, cold winter light, and regular old existential dread zeroing in on my mental health.

Additionally, this image is Russian Doll, The Good Place, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo descending on the part of me that wants to be a better human.

Finally, photographic representation of the three members of Hanson attacking my prepubescent understanding of attraction.

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

When I look at this I see Solange’s album, Solange’s album, and Solange’s album riding in to rescue this trash fire of a week.

Let’s also take a moment to pay homage to Ayanna Pressley’s consistently excellent incredulity game.

“I don’t know about that one, Chief.”
NurPhotoGetty Images

NurPhotoGetty Images
NurPhotoGetty Images
“What you want to do is not necessarily what you’re going to do.”
NurPhotoGetty Images

NurPhotoGetty Images

If we’re going to be in the most shocking, most annoying, and most relentlessly tweeted time, at least we have some representatives who are trying to guide us toward the light and whose facials expressions communicate just how not about the BS they really are. I’ve never felt more represented.

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