How Photography Helps Black Girls Define Their Own Voice

Photographer and youth organizer Scheherazade Tillet first had the idea for “Picturing Black Girlhood” about seven years ago, when she was visiting the Chicago Art Institute’s “Girls on the Verge,” an exhibition on adolescent girls. The show included work by photographers like Sally Mann and Lauren Greenfield, showcasing images of that precious and bizarre moment of being not a girl and not… Read more »

The winners of the Sony world photography awards 2016 in pictures

Documenting everything from eagle hunters to failed boxers and Afghan refugees, 230,103 entries from 186 countries were whittled down to these winners of the worlds largest photography competition Read more:

Im Exploring My New Home, Canada, Through Photography

Hi! I’m Victor. I’m in the process of moving from the small, flat and heavy populated but cosy country of Belgium to the giant, beautiful and not so populated country of Canada. About a year ago I bought my first camera. I’ve been exploring my new home through it, trying to improve my photography along the way. I feel like… Read more »

NatGeos Travel Photography Contest Is Dripping With Wanderlust

For travel photographers, adventure is a day job. Their workflow includes wandering around the world in search of beauty, culture and all the wild things in between. And National Geographic’s 2016 Travel Photographer of the Year Contest highlights just how lucky (and talented!) these photographers are.  From Hong Kong’s dense glittering cities to the empty roads that creep along Moroccan cliffs, these photos have… Read more »

With the band: Patrick Harbron’s intimate rocknroll photography

The photographers latest exhibit, Rock and Roll Icons, gives fans of Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Queen and Bon Jovi the chance to see their idols up close Read more: