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I love a excellent many things in life — purring cats, even a hefty snowfall, also a rocking tune, a solid dose of mist, a gorgeous hike — to mention a few.   Sing with me : “these are a couple of of my favorite thiiings….”   And most of the things which bring me joy pair well with photography, my other love.

Perhaps this is the reason why I don’t limit myself.   I love candids along with landscape along with events   and   wildlife.   It is a curse and a blessing.   I don’t get tired, yet I don’t hone my skills as quickly as somebody could.

People often ask what kind of photography that I do, and that I find that a difficult question to answer sometimes.   Unlike so many other people on the market, I don’t fit into a single mold, and I’m constantly experimenting.

The interests came first, and the photos was just the companion along for the ride.   I like seeing anime conferences each calendar year, and that I could not get enough of each one of the wonderful costumes around me *snap* — occasion photography.   I’m an avid hiker and explorer, and that I find spanning vistas *click* — landscape photographs.   And I’m thrilled by traveling and experiencing foreign lands — *click* — traveling photography.

Now that I have really been focusing on my photos as a separate entity, I discover there are other sorts about which I’m curious, and I will go out of my way to dabble in studio pictures, astrophotography, concentrate stacking, infrared, macro…

When wanting to get into photography, I can understand the issue some face.   There are many facets to the art; where do you begin?   And what if everything you choose doesn’t work?

I’d had a conversation with a gentleman who has been shooting at sports, however, he had been considering quitting photography since he didn’t like the sporting atmosphere.   I have had talks with a fellow cosplay photographer who really did hang his camera.

One thing I have learned is that photography provides options.   If you like the art but not the topic, it’s quite simple to modify your focus (pun intended) into something more enjoyable.   Life is too short to put up with something which doesn’t suit you.

I was lucky in that I had a natural adoption of photography.   And for people who also want to have into the art, I’d advise they try to replicate this.   Shoot what you love, and that passion will extend into your new pastime.   Since I enjoy so many things on me, personally, I have a whole lot of options.   And they are beautifully tied together through my own camera.

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