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If you are looking for creative, fun and romantic wedding photographs then you have come to the right place. This is where all the fun will begin. AEGphotos will capture every moment of your wedding day making sure images will reflect your personality on your album and DVD slideshow. With or without subtitles.

Amanda Glasspell is an award winner photographer in portrait and lifestyle photography. Her achievements in the area of photography are numerous; for a competition in “A Day in the life of Scotland” she received recognition for a quirky photo of a grumpy looking Highland cow called hamish. The portrait of Hamish was put on display in Edinburgh and Glasgow Art Galleries. It was later published in fotobook, a hardback publication showing off the outstanding photography from the competition. In addition she was given the honour of being presented with her copy by Scotland’s first minister.

Amanda’s work has featured in Galleries across Scotland and the North West of England. She earned her degree from The University of Central Lancashire and during her first year of university she won a competition with Red Bull to work with the Double Red professional photographers in Cadwell Park.  She then moved on to freelance work across Scotland and Manchester in Weddings, portraits, lifestyle, events and music photography.

Amanda’s photography work is her passion. She takes great pride in being adept at capturing the moment along with peoples’ emotions in photos that people will treasure. Being hard of hearing means Amanda is sensorily very visual and has a keen eye for detail and the perfect photograph.  Along with her years of experience she has many tools in her arsenal to get the perfect photo. A particular strength is being able to interact with the client, reading their body language and coaxing the perfect shot out of someone; even the most camera shy of people.

Amanda is outgoing, bubbly and always excited when creating new images. She also enjoys a challenge with new environments and people and adapting to new styles for people who may be seeking a new image to reflect their personality.