Creepy photo of creature with wings leaping between trees sparks fears Mothman monster made famous by Richard Gere film has been found

WEIRD pictures of the winged guy bouncing between your bushes have started worries the Mothman beast continues to be discovered.

a 2002 movie has distributed for half of a millennium but created much more renowned the fantasy.

This picture of the winged number has started worries the Mothman might have delivered to West Virginia
A guy approached an area information store to express he’d observed this winged number traveling through the atmosphere

Based on tale the Mothman is just a humanoid number with wings who travels reduced in the bushes US, in Virginia, first noticed in December 1966 with a number of diggers in Position Pleasant.

the many dark connect to the beast arrived annually when 46 people perished on November 15 1967 once the Gold Link within the Kansas water collapsed although sightings were documented that month.

This result in the perception by some the Mothman is just a harbinger of disaster.

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Today nearby press claiming to exhibit the winged animal in Position Pleasant once more has been distributed in by menacing new pictures.

Regional media reporter Andersen tweeted fans being asked by the pictures: “MOTHMAN?! Owner claims while operating on Rt he found Mothman. 2 in Point Pleasant today. What do you consider?”

Though some Facebook customers were confident others stated the picture was of an owl transporting a lizard

Customers that are many were confident it had been the mythological winged beast with one composing, “I may make sure is mothman and “looks was published by another to me” like mothman.

Nevertheless one viewer stated to understand exactly what the picture was actually of, and was significantly less than confident.

Facebook person Erik Pickle stated: “It’s an owl having a lizard in its talons.”

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