Couple Finds Happiness In Photography After Losing Their Corporate Careers

Objectively speaking, this is a great time to be a part of the American economy: The dollar is strong, the economy is healthy, and the entrepreneurial spirit that this country was founded on has never been more evident!

Thats why I always love hearing stories about people putting the financial crisis behind them, like this one about a lovely woman who helps people dealing with foreclosure. It just goes to show that there are tons of wonderful people out there who are working to right the ship and help reinforce a stronger America.

Meanwhile, there are also lots of people out there for whom the recession was an opportunity to discover buried strength that they never knew that they had, like this family that learned to live on next to nothing during the crisis.

And for a lucky few, 2008 was an incredible opportunity, to stop trying to live a life that looks good on paper, and to instead live a life of true happiness. Thats exactly what happened for Yann Meersseman and Moira Fitzgerald, when the married couple both lost their jobs and their six-figure income and started delivering newspapers to make ends meet.

Along the way, they discovered a shared passion: photography. They began to capture shots of their early morning travels around the coastal area, and quickly developed a following. Today, they make about 20% of their former income, but when CBS asked them, Are you happier now? Their answer was a resounding, Yes! Learn more about their incredible story in the video below.

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