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Couple Finds Happiness In Photography After Losing Their Corporate Careers

Objectively speaking, this is a great time to be a part of the American economy: The dollar is strong, the economy is healthy, and the entrepreneurial spirit that this country was founded on has never been more evident! Thats why I always love hearing stories about people putting the financial crisis behind them, like this one about a lovely woman… Read more »

The Majestic Beauty Of Trees In Poland Captured In Infrared Photography

My name is Przemyslaw Kruk. I live in beautiful country in central Europe, which called Poland. I am amateur of landscape photography. Since over 20 years I have photographed scene of nature which I was seeing on my way. Photo camera is my best friend and inseperable companion of my journey – the small one and the biggest trips, when… Read more »

Exposed: photography’s fabulous fakes

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Phoney engagements, flying surrealists, faux Instagram celebrities, dubious family portraits a short history of performance photography In 1840, Louis Daguerre. Bayard made clear the extent of his distress by writing underneath the image of his limp and bedraggled body: The corpse which you see here is that of M Bayard, inventor of the process that has just been shown to… Read more »

How A Nocturnal Politician Became The Unlikely Father Of Wildlife Photography

In the late 19th and early 20th century, photographer George Shiras lived something of a double life. During the day, he served as a successful lawyer and politician, eventually becoming a member of the House of Representatives for the state of Pennsylvania. At night, however, he roamed the black wilderness from Allegheny to Lake Superior, photographing the deer, lynx, raccoons… Read more »

National Geographic’s kids photography competition 2015: winner’s gallery

National Geographics photography competition for kids has been won by a shot of a grasshopper eating a sunflower leaf by 13 year old Senne Mensink from the Netherlands Read more: