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I Tell Stories Through My Wet Plate Photography

In 2002, I switched ( like most of us) from film to digital photography. It was revolutionary but after a while I started to dislike the whole process – making a lot of pictures, becoming a bit sloppy and all adjustments in Photoshop. It somehow didn’t challenge me anymore, it all became too predictable. So I made the switch to… Read more »

The Reality Behind Travel Photography Cropping Changes Everything

“By bringing Broken India to light, we really wanted to strike a raw nerve,” Limitless told Buzzfeed. “Only when people realise the state of affairs and break out of their comfort zones, is when they can start to make a difference. A bit of negativity is essential for positive change.” “We’ve always worked with the knowledge that India is a… Read more »

Taylor Wessing photography prize goes to daughter image – BBC News

Stewart’s winning shot is a follow-up to a picture he took of the friends together seven years earlier, just before they were to start their GCSEs. Image copyright Peter Zelewski Image caption Peter Zelewski’s picture, Nyaueth, is part of a series of images entitled Beautiful Strangers which he says ‘challenge the concept of traditional beauty’ The prize-winning photographs, and those… Read more »

This Adorable Baby Fox Photo Just Won A Major Photography Prize

“I’m super pleased … and proud and happy that an image from Canada could win first prize in a major photo competition,” Murray told The Huffington Post Canada on Tuesday. Murray, who’s been taking pictures of foxes on his neighbor’s property for about “three or four years,” said he spent the spring and summer watching the mom coax her babies… Read more »

COP21 environmental photography exhibition in pictures

From shrinking glaciers to extreme weather and urban waste, worlds top photographers present images that capture what is at stake as world leaders seek an international climate agreement in Paris Read more: