These 11 Photo Apps Will Take Your Smartphone Photography Game

According to an old adage, the best camera you have is that the one with you personally.

Our smartphones today come loaded with cameras that are amazing, which has led us to completely forget that point and shoot cameras even exist in the industry. Many do not even feel as though carrying out a DSLR due to the awkward nature. If you’re one of these and you would like to obtain a little better in your photography abilities, we have got a few programs you need to test out.


This program was one of the photo editing programs of last year. The program uses artificial intelligence and machine learning how to incorporate artistic filters. The majority of these filters incorporate famed paintings from famous artists such as Van Gogh Picasso, and the final result is exquisite. If you’re trying to generate a gorgeous portrait much more intriguing, A definite must have.


Snapseed is a picture editing and shooting program. The program provides you precision editing tools which could fine-tune your picture to look. In addition you get to edit RAW images.


Is a picture sharing, editing and capturing program, which is one of the most popular networking platforms existing in the market. The app is famous for its multitude of picture editing options and filters to add a feel to the image that was normal. A must-have for each photographer.


EyeM is another picture recording, sharing and editing system what is intriguing with EyeM is that you can monetise your images which you share, so your talent won’t go in vain. EyeM also receives a ton of alternatives that are pro to play with, and the program is feature loaded to fancy photographers.


If you adore with films, this program is for you. VSCO has added film filters which have been embraced in ISOs that were different from Kodak and Fuji films so you are able to play around with your picture and add the authentic film look. Apart from the filters you receive a bunch of editing options to play with.


Pixlr is 1 program to earn your images social-media ready. Pixlr has got everything, into creating collages to double exposure from incorporating texts. You also get photo and regular photo-editing capturing features together with cool tools to generate your picture perfect for sharing.


Camera360 is a picture editor which adds or portrait and a bunch of fun. The live camera program makes the editing programs accessible. You get dials to switch between other choices and filters. The program receives a ton of live and regular decals to truly express your emotion.

Camera FV-5

You should definitely check out Camera FV-5 if you’re searching like controls on your smartphone. You can’t only control components such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and many others, but also you have the capability. For photographers who want the degree of accuracy this program is excellent for you.


If you’re a lover of clicking pictures, this camera program is the one which you’ve been waiting for. The camera shoots in monochromatic. The program has a ton of filters that are white and black, together with a lot of editing choices to create striking portraits.

Motion Stills

If you’re a lover of live photographs on iPhone and needing to have something on your own Android, Motion Stills can try. This program by Google allows you to make 2-3 second loop images, which seem live- similar to photographs from the Harry Potter films. They add a ton of emotion into the static picture and best of all, you save it as a static picture also and can capture your favourite frame.


This is another selfie camera using a slew of filters. Along with these filters, you have the option to make collages, video GIFs in addition to adding decals to decorate portraits that are boring with.