Photography’s Power

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Photography’s Power

Portrait of Cindy at Traveling Coffee.

Kyoto, 2017

Photography is a potent force that transform our own lives, for the better, and can change. Photography is very amazing, and powerful.

1. The Reason Why I love street photography


Think about, photography gives us the capability to build guts and our skills.

For me, the biggest advantage of street photography: learning the assurance, courage, to take risks from taking photos of strangers. Additionally, learning how to interact with strangers.

2. Health and mental benefits

The benefit of photography:

  • So as to make images, we must leave the flat.
  • Acquiring the flat is a good thing– it forces us to interact with the ‘real world’, allows us to walk, stretch our buttocks, believe, and meditate.
  • So in the process of making pictures (by walking around( interacting with the planet), we are strengthening and healing our thoughts. We give our minds the chance to also ramble — to really THINK (something which appears to be of in short supply nowadays).

3. Meeting new people

Woman flexing bicep in red bikini

The biggest advantage is bringing folks together, I do photography assignments.

Humans are social animals. Without societal interaction, intercourse, or relationship– we start to become depressed, we start to lose a zest for living, and we start to perish.

Photography has given me the chance to open my head to different peoples to journey, and also to explore the world. It opened up my horizons and has broadened.

I love sitting meeting with other musicians in coffee shops, and talking pictures — but life. We talk about everything involving, philosophy, economics, psychology, and politics.

Photography is a justification to become social. Once you telephone a friend to go on a ‘photograph walk’– what better thing to do than to walk with a friend, snap a few pictures, chat, catch up, and also feel that warmth that is human-social?

4. Photography as a creative outlet

We are additionally given a creative outlet by Photography.

As people, we are all born as musicians. We have this inner-drive, and this inner-need to express our imagination.

I believe all of us have electricity kind of like steam in a pressure cooker and infinite amounts of power. But if you keep your imagination kettle on the stove for too long (without discharging the imaginative steam)– that the entire thing will explode.

You need a way to station your creative electricity and steam in a positive manner.

By way of example, steam power is what drove a lot of trains and ancient locomotion. I believe now our creative ability and steam may drive our imaginative locomotion— imaginative movement of walking and taking pictures, of transferring our palms and drawing/painting, by writing, writing poetry, creating videos and movies, or anything.

Whatever gives you a positive station release and to express your own steam is a fantastic thing. And photography is just one of the easiest, most economical, most accessible, and also most economical strategies.

5. How photography has personally benefitted me

Advantages from photography that I’ve obtained:

  1. Health benefits: Increased disposition by walking across a good deal, by hanging out of the flat, by exercising my thighs (after a complete day of shooting, my leg muscles feel nice and sore).
  2. Social benefits: Opening up my heart to new thoughts, people, and cultures.
  3. Pursuing my inner-curiosity: ” I regularly walk into the streets and move down alley-ways that interest me, or measure into stores which interest me. Photography gives me a reason to become curious. Because my excuse is, ‘I am curious in order to make pictures.’ Nobody can blame me — if they ask me, ‘What are you doing?’ I will just react, ‘Do not mind me, I am just roaming around and taking pictures.’ People today shrug their shoulders and say, ‘Oh– ok!’
  4. Opportunity to talk about and teach: This is one of my biggest passions– to produce and obtain knowledge and information, and also to share it together with other individuals. For me, knowledge and information is sterile, dull, useless– with no human beings to share this information to others with. That is the reason why I keep all of my materials open source– so anyone can easily download, download, transmit, remix, share, and empower themselves — with the info. What you choose to do with information and the wisdom is left up to you. However, you got the access.
  5. Critical Observation: I have found that I have become more political or socially conscious and aware of class and race gaps, through pictures. By way of example, after a trip to Washington DC — that I was able to picture and spot and notice gentrification, ‘in the flesh’ (or even better yet, ‘through pictures’). By taking pictures, I must induce myself to ‘notice’ that the world, things, and changes around me. Therefore in a nutshell, photography has made me more perceptive, critical, and observant of the world around me– in order for me to create my own societal critiques, commentary, and also to state my own view on the state of the planet and state.

6. Photography as a social-political energy

I also find the ability of photography is to demonstrate beauty.

Ansel Adams was able to conserve the beauty of the national forests by photographing them — and by revealing the president and the masses:

These photos are a testament to the beauty of character. These forests should not tear down to build condos for millennials.

Of course I just made up that.

But Ansel Adams did really push for conservation attempts. To me Ansel Adams was first and foremost a nature-lover. He revealed his love of nature along with his photography. And he also used his photographic skills to clearly show his appreciation of the beauty of character with the general public– and then the public then understood why character was so important, and therefore rallied together to protect nature.

Therefore, photography was a social-political tool which Ansel Adams used to protect character.

7. Express your gratitude towards life via photography

For me personally, I Need to show through my photography:

The entire world is a location that is gorgeous. Be thankful to be alive. While you’re alive, use photography as a tool to convey your gratitude and then share that joy with others.

I do so by photographing places, buildings, strangers, and also the love of my life — Cindy. I wish everyone could start their own ‘Cindy Project’– photographing their nearest and dearest, MEMENTO MORI (understanding that one day, they will perish). Using pictures as a tool to remind your self.


Photography is just one of the powers in life. Do not squander your electricity. Express fullest, and your best joy and affirmation for life via blessing it with your lens.