Builders Insurance Group Reviews

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Builders insurance cover, also referred to as Builders’ Risk Insurance or Course of Construction, is a very specific type of property insurance coverage. This type of insurance offers cover for buildings that are currently under construction. It also covers the land surrounding the new construction. Builders insurance cover can provide insurance cover for a structure only, and it also covers… Read more »

Fiery Venezuela image among world photo award nominations

A searing picture of a Venezuelan protester who caught fire during clashes with riot police has won AFP photographer Ronaldo Schemidt that a nomination for the World Press Photo of the Year award. The film by the Mexico-based photographer for Agence France-Presse is among six pictures taken by five photographers nominated to receive its prestigious yearly prize, the World Press… Read more »

Torbjorn Rodland’s perverse photography

Composed by Christina Catherine Martinez, CNN The photos of Torbjørn Rødland never quite resolve, but they are arresting in their instability. Even the Los Angeles-based Norwegian artist employs analogue photography and (largely) staged scenes to construct images that don’t offer any straightforward information concerning the world depicted, yet also evade the neatness of apology. Rødland is deeply attuned to the… Read more »

Image Align Script to Get 1000s

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Image Align Script to Get 1000s

Picture Align Script for 1000s of Photographs I would like a Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 script to guide 1000 wind shaken pictures in Photoshop on mac OS X 10.10.5 to get a time lapse. I can’t align all 1000 at once as my machine doesn’t have sufficient processing power and memory card. I don’t understand how to compose photoshop scripts… Read more »

Scott AFB Vacation cover photo [Image 1]

U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Tech. Sgt. Jodi Martinez IMAGE INFO Date Taken: 12.14.2017 Date Posted: 01.01.2018 00:20 Photo ID: 4061350 VIRIN: 171214-F-RP072-004 Resolution: 7200×11400 Size: 30.61 MB Location: US Web Perspectives: 3 Downloads: 0 Podcast Hits: 0 PUBLIC DOMAIN   GALLERY MORE LIKE THIS TAGS Scott AFB vacation pay photo [Picture 1 of 6]