Picture of a single suspended atom nabs science Photographs Decoration

A university student called David Nadlinger has won the top prize in a science photography contest held by UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council later capturing a photo of one atom. The photograph, titled “Single Atom in an Ion Trap” reveals one quadrant suspended in midair. It was captured using a DSLR camera and reveals a strontium atom’s most… Read more »

Photoshop Clipping Path Services for Your Jewelry Company — Photography tips and tutorial for Picture editors

For businesses dealing with jewelry like earnings, bungles, necklaces and other decorations, our clipping route services are very critical for you. A picture speaks more than a million words as linguists ones put it. A display of a single product in various background topics as a sales promotion strategy is not a terrible thought. We believe that human beings are… Read more »

Supercharger Whine Sound

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In a normally aspirated car, one where the engine breathes on its own, the air going into the carburetor or intake is under regular air pressure. In a car that has a supercharger, there is a blower installed that compresses the air, makes it denser, so that it can pump in more fuel and get a more powerful explosion in… Read more »