Picture of atom scoops science Pictures Decoration

A prestigious science fiction trophy has been since won by A picture of one atom of the metal strontium suspended in electric fields. David Nadlinger’s photo, Single Atom In An Ion Harness, was captured in an Oxford University laboratory through the window of a vacuum space, using an average camera to a very long exposure shot. Two alloy electrodes held that… Read more »

Professional Ground Maintenance

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If you own or manage a business, it is important that you keep the grounds looking neat and well-maintained. A North West landscaping service is going to make sure that the trees, grass, flowers and other parts of the landscape are going to look neat and presentable. They can cut the lawn and take care of the other maintenance that… Read more »

Picture of a single suspended atom nabs science Photographs Decoration

A university student called David Nadlinger has won the top prize in a science photography contest held by UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council later capturing a photo of one atom. The photograph, titled “Single Atom in an Ion Trap” reveals one quadrant suspended in midair. It was captured using a DSLR camera and reveals a strontium atom’s most… Read more »